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Spinach & Mushroom pancake stack

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When i made these, it was for breakfast, but you could enjoy them at any time of the day. Shitki mushrooms are my favourite at the moment, but any mushrooms would work for this! I love adding spinach to pancake batter because it turns them such a beautiful colour.  Its a great way to add more veggies into your day while still eating delicious food.


Makes 10 pancakes


For the Pancakes:
2 egg
2  handful of spinach
4 heaped tbs spelt flour
100ml milk
1tbs grated Parmesan
Coconut oil for greasing the pan

Garlic Mushrooms:
a big Handful shitaki mushrooms
2 garlic clove crushed
Knob of butter
Sprinkle of dried thyme

To serve:
Good quality hummus
Red basil for garnishing
Drizzle of olive oil



Add the eggs, spinach, flour, milk and parmesan in a blender and blitz until the batter is smooth.

Grease a pan with coconut oil and pour the batter in slowly until you get the size of pancake you want. let it cook on one side for about a minute until it starts to turn brown before flipping over for another 30 second.

Once all your pancakes are ready put them to the side to make the mushrooms. Throw the butter into the pan followed by the crushed garlic. after 30 second add the mushrooms and the thyme. let them sizzle for a few minutes until cooked then take of the heat.

To assemble,  stack you pancake up as high as you want. Add a generous amount of hummus on top, then add the mushrooms. Drizzle with some olive oil and top with red basil for decoration.




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