Nourish The Temptation

Raspberry & Almond Butter Chickpea Brownies.

Dessert, Recipes | January 28, 2018 | By

Excuse the extra long title, there are a lot of amazing aspects of these brownies i wanted to call out. Firstly, these beauties are made with no flour! the bulk of the batter is actually chickpea. Apart from being super healthy and packed with fibre, folate and iron and protein, it also makes the brownies creamy and moist.

As if that wasn’t enough, i also added a raspberry and almond butter cream in the middle 🙂


Marbled Matcha Loaf

Breakfast, Dessert | January 28, 2018 | By

Marbled matcha loaf anyone? This is so amazing with a bit of chocolate spread or even some almond butter (or both) . It’s jam packed with sunflower & pumpkin seeds meaning it’s is packed with those essential fats and it keeps you feeling full after one slice. such a great loaf to have in the morning! it’ll keep for a few days in an airtight container, so you can make it at the start of the week and have breakfast sorted.


Raspberry & Coconut Oat Cookies

Breakfast, Dessert, Recipes | January 17, 2018 | By

Whether it’s breakfast on the go or a bed time snack (and everything in between) these cookies fit the bill. the raspberries add a freshness that is so delicious and different from other  bakes i’ve made. Plus, they are so easy to whip up! there aren;t many rules, so if you don’t have any raspberries on hand, see what else you can chuck in instead.


Double Chocolate Raspberry Muffins

Breakfast, Dessert, Recipes | November 11, 2017 | By

There is nothing better then freshly baked muffins and i’ve been craving muffins all week. i recently bought buckwheat flakes in a sample sale for the first time and had no idea what to do with them other then use them as porridge (but thats not exciting). So i decided to chuck them in to a rough muffin batter  and turn them into delicious chocolaty muffins. They really help to bulk them out and make them a lot more filling then just using flour.


Almond Butter & Raspberry Truffles

Dessert, Recipes | November 9, 2017 | By

If you mange to get to the last step and actually store them in the fridge, you got further then me. Congratulations! I pretty much finished of the whole batch (with a little help of course). we’re pretty lucky i had enough to take photos of tbh.


Blood Orange cake

Dessert | January 22, 2017 | By

No matter how many blood oranges i cut open, I’m always mesmerised by how beautiful they look. I’ve been drinking them freshly juiced every morning for weeks now trying to get my vitamin c dose, so I decided it was about time to start cooking with them. There was only one thing I could think of to show them off… a blood orange upside down cake of course.


Nutella balls

Dessert, Recipes | November 26, 2016 | By

These may not look like much, but they literally taste like Nutella! I just used hazelnuts, dates and cacao to make them and the results are amazing. You can make a huge batch and freeze them so you have snacks for a couple of weeks.


Banana & Peanut butter muffins

Breakfast, Dessert | October 12, 2016 | By

What’s better then banana and peanut butter? Nothing!! I’m completely obsessed with these muffins as the moment and they are so moorish. I made them for breakfast, but at this rate I better come up with a plan B.


chia seed chocolate biscuit

Dessert, Recipes | September 7, 2015 | By

These biscuits are utterly addictive and they where created on a whim. I was having a bout of the cookies cravings and decided to mix some almond and buckwheat flour with some chia seed pudding I had left over from my breakfast. To my surprise it turned into really easy to use dough, which baked into incredibly crunchy biscuits. They are gluten free, refined sugar free and diary free. Not to shabby for a chocolate biscuit.


Raw Raspberry cheesecake

Dessert, Recipes | July 23, 2015 | By

I honestly believe this is one of the most delicious raw deserts I have ever made. It’s lucky there was anything left to layer on top of the base, as I came close to eating it straight out of the bowl. It’s hard to believe this isn’t just healthy, but actually packed with nutrients. It’s indulgent, light and defiantly a showstopper.