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Appley Ever After

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The old wives who came up with “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” may not have been telling tales after all. This is one of the most thrown around nutritional sayings, and there is some variation of it in most languages. There are so many “super fruits” around these days, which have been collected from every corner of the planet, that it’s often easy to forget the classics. Maybe it’s time we start looking in our own back yards for the ultimate health fix rather then exotic countries.

The research into the chronic disease preventing properties of this under rated fruit is staking up. A study by St. George’s Hospital Medical School confirmed that people who ate more than 5 apples a week showed vastly improved lung function, and it doesn’t stop there. Cholesterol oxidation is the culprit for one of our generations biggest killers: heart disease. A study by Ohio State University found that an apple a day for just 4 weeks reduced the oxidation of “bad cholesterol”(low density lipoproteins) by 40%, thanks to certain polyphenols.

Diabetes, cancer and alzheimer’s are also on the apples to do list, with vast research showing how its properties can prevent and tackle those too. If these diseases don’t scare you enough, maybe the promise of a Colgate smile will convince you? Apples have that covered too! Chewing them can help reduce tooth decay, kill of bacteria and whiten teeth.

Compered with the “super fruits” found on our favourite health shop shelves, the humble apple is more convenient to eat, easier to find and probably cheaper then the latest discovery. If you bore easy, you can mix things up, with pink ladies and granny smiths. While I can’t guarantee a doctor free future, I promise, an apple a day is a good place to start.





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